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4 Station Bungee Jump / Spider Jump

Now available The Spider Jump 4 station mobile Trampoline system. Xtreme Entertainment's latest attraction in the trend sport sector combines established and exciting activities, bringing them to a new pinnacle of fun and safety for everybody... Bungee Trampolines!

Bungee-Jumping has traditionally been an attraction that has been admired rather than executed. Trampolines, on the other hand, have always required a lot of training for proper use... but now, these activities are combined, producing a new and exhilarating interactive sport: Spider Jump!

People will no longer hesitate to join in on the action! The extra-ordinary, new & unique thing about the Spider Jump is that 4 jumpers can jump at the same time! It's the worlds first (one & only) design of this kind with 4 parallel trampolines for the simultaneous serving of 4 clients.

Spider Jump...IT IS AN EXPERIENCE. With this amazing structure, a jumper can attain impressive heights The jumper experiences an incredible Power shot upwards Comfortable harness system Fast turnaround of clients High customer repeat rate Low running and maintenance costs It is a predominant eye catcher that draws crowds to every kind of event Appeals to thrill seekers of all ages

Price includes regular Trampolines or Inflatable Bongos.

2 station Power Jump available for $16,900