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Combo Rock Wall

Combo Rock Wall

Don't be fooled by competitors selling knock offs of our previous models or promises of similar experience with different technologies.

  • This is the only unit that allows participants to attain 25 ft high jumps.
  • High fluid jumping motion because of the use of redundant bungy system.
  • Allows for smooth acrobatic flips. "no jerking motions" as with other technologies.
  • Is considered to be the safest unit with redundancy built in.
  • Easy and safe to set up!


  • Bungee The best of both worlds! 4 station auto belay climbing wall with 2 OR 3 trampolines
  • MOBILE on its own DETACHABLE trailer with hydraulic set up
  • EASY set up 2 men 30 minutes
  • New "AIR TRAMPS" OR ALUMINUM FRAME for portability
  • Great for all types of venues
  • Footprint 30 x 30 ft
  • Sell a combo ride ticket (wall and tramp) for additional revenue
  • Same safety standards as our proven Rock wall and trampoline.

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