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Full Set of Bungees 10ft

Full Set of Bungees 10ft
This a full set of 10 ft Bungee loop for a 4 station unit. Includes:

32 Black Loops (20 lb Loop)
16 Blue Loops (10 lb Loop)
8 Red Loops (5 lb Loop)

Savings of $134.00

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The following table shows how many types of elastic should be utilized per side of the harness with these various weights. The weight scale is not critical to the operation. It is only a guideline for the operators.

The chart below indicates that you attach the number of elastic to each side

Pounds Number of Elastics per side
30lbs ----- 1 blue, 1 red
40lbs ----- 2 blue
50lbs ----- 2 blue, 1 red
60lbs ----- 1 black, 1 blue
70lbs ----- 1 Black, 1 blue, 1 red
80lbs ----- 2 blacks
90lbs ----- 2 blacks, 1 red
100lbs ----- 2 blacks, 1 blue
110lbs ----- 2 blacks, 1 blue, 1 red
120lbs ----- 3 blacks
130lbs ----- 3 blacks, 1 red
140lbs ----- 3 blacks, 1 blue
150lbs ----- 3 blacks, 1 blue, 1 red
160lbs ----- 4 blacks
170lbs ----- 4 blacks, 1 red
180lbs ----- 4 blacks, 1 blue
190lbs ----- 4 blacks, 1 blue, 1 red
200lbs ----- 5 blacks
210lbs ----- 5 blacks, 1 red
220lbs ----- 5 blacks, 1 blue

A copy of this chart should always be posted at each trampoline for quick reference. This chart is meant to be a rough orientation. The number of elastics needed vary greatly with the individual abilities of the jumper. This effect becomes more pronounced at the upper end of the weight scale as it goes almost unnoticed at the lower weight classes.

Use the higher number of elastics if jumper is on upper end of weight range and/or if jumper is very dynamic and athletic. - Never use any elastic that show signs of wear and tear. A jumper who is unable to refrain from swinging back and forth during the jump is attached to the incorrect number of elastics.